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Affiliate Marketing Tracking

Using ImpactTag To Power Your Affiliate Marketing

ImpactTag is a powerful tracking system which can be used as a standalone affiliate marketing tracking system.

How It Works

  1. Tag your website with our proprietary technology. Simply place our tracking codes onto your website (compatible with all major tag managers) and select the actions that you’d like to pay commissions on.
  2. Select the most relevant affiliate package to set-up your commissions.
  3. Start promoting your affiliate programme

ImpactTag Partners

ImpactTag Partners is our website where our affiliate partners interact with your affiliate programme. Here your affiliates can join your affiliate programme, get their tracking links and see the results of their activity.

The system can also act as a fully functional payment system managing all your payments to your affiliates wherever across the globe they are located. For smaller and new businesses we can provide escrow services to keep a positive account to give affiliates additional trust.

Affiliate Marketing Features

  • Set Commissions
    • Offer different affiliate commission rates
    • Fixed commissions per transactions
    • % based on gross or net sales vales
    • Product
    • Category Specific Commissions
    • Exclude transactions and products
    • IP exclusions
    • Commissions paid on Voucher code use
  • Tiers
    • Pay higher commissions for higher volumes
  • Multi-Currency
    • Supports tracking of transactions in any currency
  • Payment Services
    • Invoicing
    • Payments
    • Reporting
  • Near Real-time Reporting
    • Within our ImpactTag tools
  • Affiliate Links
    • Allow affiliates to deeplink easily
    • Pass affiliate tracking parameters
  • Pixels & Postbacks
    • Automatically send data to your affiliates
  • APIs
    • Allow affiliates access to their results via APIs
  • Bespoke Sign-up Links
  • Maintain private deals
  • Unlimited affiliates
  • Unlimited clicks
  • Unlimited banner impressions


ImpactTag Partners costs £1 per transaction on top of your affiliate commissions. No set-up fees and no monthly fees.

Alternative you can make your own payments to your affiliates through our private partners programme. This includes all the standard features of ImpactTag Partners with the exception that your programme is hidden from our affiliate catalogue. The cost is £0.50 per transaction – again no set-up fees and no management fees.


If you run your retail business on the Shopify platform we run an app called Wigify which utilises the ImpactTag tracking system and the ImpactTag Partners website to manage your affiliates.

  1. Wigify

A cut down affiliate system which will introduce smaller retailers to the world of affiliates.

  • Set commissions
    • Set one commission rate for your sales
    • Provide hidden commission rates for selected affiliates
  • Upload and manage banners
  • Real-time reporting
  • Programme sign-up links

2. Wigify Pro

  • All the features of Wigify
  • Commission By Product
  • Commission By Category

Wigify is available from within the Shopify App store and billed to your affiliate account. Please note you will need to pay your affiliates directly.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is where you advertise on third party websites and media on a performance basis. Meaning you only pay when an action occurs – usually an ecommerce sale or a valid lead. You set the rules and you set the commissions.

Within a well balanced marketing mix your affiliates will drive 10-20% of your sales.

Who Are The Affiliates?

Affiliates can be anyone and simply just placea tracking link on their website or media. They could be Bloggers, Content Sites, Price Comparison, Instagram Account Owners, Facebook Pages, Cashback or Other Retailers.

Some affiliates will come and find you, while other affiliates will need to have your programme ‘sold’ to them.


ImpactTag Partners – £1 per transaction
ImpactTag Private Partners – £0.50 per transaction
Wigify – $18.99 per month + $0.50 per transaction
Wigify Pro – $50 per month + $0.75
Wigify Payment Services – 5% of commissions
ImpactTag Network – BETA

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